Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pizza Joes

Pizza Joes..mmm just the name is automatically yummy.  what are pizza Joes you ask?   Well let me tell you... they are like sloppy Joes , you know the sandwiches that are cooked ground meat in a BBQ-tomato sauce served on buns... yummy, saucy and just plain delicious.  Pizza Joes are done in the same manner, but instead of a BBQ-tomato sauce, the meat is cooked with delicious spices, and in pizza sauce, topped with melty gooey mozzarella & parmesan cheese.. Like pizza on a bun.. so good.

I used ground turkey for these, but ground beef, or chicken would work too.  I added a can of drained mushrooms to mine, but if you don't like them leave them out.  I also topped mine with a sprinkle of cooked bacon bits, (but next time I am topping them with mini pepperonis too).  Also use what cheese you like, mozzarella, parmesan, Italian style it all works as always use what you like.  Enjoy 

Pizza Joe's

1 lb ground beef (or chicken or turkey)
1 jar pizza sauce
1 can mushrooms, drained
grated mozzarella & fresh parmesan cheese
Seasonings of your choice * (garlic & onion powder, pinch of parsley flakes, and onion flakes, salt & pepper)
2 T brown sugar
bacon bits/mini pepperoni

In a large skillet brown meat and seasonings breaking meat up until cooked & no longer pink.  If any grease remains after cooking drain meat.  Add pizza sauce, and mushrooms stirring until combined, simmer until heated thru.  Top with both cheeses sprinkling over the top of the meat.  Turn off heat and put a lid on the pan until cheese is melted. Serve a scoop of the meat mixture on buns, sprinkle with bacon bits/pepperoni and serve.  Enjoy