Saturday, October 24, 2015

Chili queso dip

Queso dip... thinking this is my new obsession.  I developed a sausage queso dip just this week, and seriously could not get enough.  Thinking how else I could tweak the flavors to eat more of this dip.  So I had some leftover meat & bean chili that I didn't know what to do with and thought chili, queso hmmm.  Let's give this a try and viola... YUMMY chili queso dip was born.  It is super good.. creamy a little spicy, and oh so good.  I served this dip with tortilla chips, but you can use fritos, scoops, pretzels or chunks of crusty bread...

You can add hot sauce, or use hot Rotel tomatoes (I have little ones eating this dip, so I make it mild but serve hot sauce on the side for my husband and myself to jazz it up)

 Make this soon.. Enjoy

Chili Queso dip

8 oz package of Velveeta cheese, cubed
1 cup leftover prepared meat & bean chili
1/2 can drained mild Rotel tomatoes
pinch of sugar
**Seasonings of your choice, I used garlic & onion powder, pinch of celery seeds, paprika)
Tortilla chips for dipping

In microwave safe dish, add all of the ingredients.  Cook for one minute, then stir, continue cooking stirring after every 30 second increments until creamy and melted.  Serve with tortilla chips. 

Beef tips and noodles

When the weather turns cooler I love Beef tips over noodles.  The creamy yummy goodness just makes me happy :)  Between making the house smell good & when you eat it, you get nice and warm YUM.  I like to add some sour cream to my sauce to make it extra rich and creamy.  It gives it a little tangy goodness, but if you don't like it leave it out. 

I serve this over wide buttered egg noodles, but you can serve it over mashed potatoes, or rice and it would be equally good.. I also add fresh mushrooms & onions, but you can omit them if you don't like.  Like I always say, adjust things to how you like them.  Make this today.. Enjoy

Beef tips & noodles

2 lbs cut up, beef stew meat
1 onion, cut in half and thinly sliced
1 8 oz. package sliced fresh mushrooms
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can beef broth
1 T Worchester sauce
1T Red wine
1/4 cup water
2T cornstarch
1 T. butter
1/3-1/2 cup sour cream (I usually start out with the 1/3 cup and if it needs more I add a little more)
**Seasonings of your choice ( I added pepper, seasoned salt, garlic & onion powder, dried parsley & a pinch of celery seed)

Cooked buttered egg noodles (Boil regular egg noodles, drain add butter, salt & pepper)

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
In large covered oven safe dish whisk together the mushroom soup, Worchester sauce,wine and beef broth.  Add mushrooms, onions, beef & seasonings mixing well breaking apart the meat cubes and coating everything with the sauce.  Cover the dish and cook for around 2-3 hours (stirring every hour). Remove from oven and stir well.  Mix water and cornstarch pour over beef mixture, stirring well.  Place back into the oven uncovered for a few minutes to thicken the sauce.  When sauce is bubbly and thickened remove from oven and add sour cream & butter stirring really well to make a creamy sauce.  Taste and adjust seasonings if necessary.  Serve over buttered cooked egg noodles.  Enjoy

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sausage queso dip

YUM!! Just yum.. where has sausage queso dip been all my life?? I have had regular old queso dip, and always thought yeah it's ok, but I could take it or leave it, might be my not loving cheese so much, and that's all I tasted was cheese.. (yes my sister Danielle wonders how I could be part of our family & not love cheese, but it's true I do not love cheese)... back to this dip, but add sausage and seasonings and I am all over this dip.. Even Jackson's says.. mom I LOVE it!!! Everyone at the table who was tasting it says, this is a winner, and make this again... I am thinking next time of sautéing a chopped up onion along with the sausage to add even more flavor, then deglazing the pan with a little white wine.. I love variations on things...

If you like things spicy, (I had children eating this dip) so I used mild rotel tomatoes, you can always use hot & spicy rotel tomatoes, and add a finely chopped jalapeno to the mix.  Also you could use hot and spicy sausage.  Speaking of sausage, I only like Bob Evans (in the white package), but use what you like.

 I had a small gang eating this (this would easily feed 8-10 guests, along with other party items), so you could easily double the recipe and feed a crowd.  This would be great to put into the crockpot on low along with the cooked sausage and melted in there and then kept warm in there, just make sure you stir it often. 

I served this with plain nacho chips, but you can use fritos, or scoops or this would be good with hunks of crusty bread for dipping.. YUM.  Use what you like..

I tried uploading the image of the finished product but cannot get this blogger website to cooperate.  I am going to be checking around and am moving from this blogger website to another site.  Too many problems and no solutions available.  So I will keep all of you informed of my new website hopefully soon.  Thanks for your patience.

As always make this today you will love it.....enjoy....

Sausage queso dip

1/2 lbs of Bob evans sausage (I buy the white package/roll kind)
1 10 oz can Rotel tomatoes w/green chilies (I used the mild kind)
1 16 oz package, Velvetta  cheese, cut into cubes
1/2 tsp each onion & garlic powder
1/4 tsp parsley flakes
pinch of celery seeds
Plain nacho chips for scooping

In a large skillet brown the sausage breaking apart and cooking till no longer pink (do NOT drain the sausage), add rest of the ingredients (except nacho chips) turning heat down to low and stirring well.  Place lid on a cover dip, stirring very often until cheese is melted and dip is creamy and smooth.   Turn off the heat, and remove from burner.  Serve with nacho chips for dipping.. Enjoy