Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Peppermint Bark

I love Peppermint bark at the holiday time... well I love it any old time :)  but when you buy it, NOT such a big fan.  Sometimes the chocolate tastes off, or there is not enough pepperminty goodness on top, or sometimes way too much on top.  I like it to have a nice mix, of not too much on top so that you can taste both the chocolate & the peppermint.  Creamy goodness :) I have put my variations that I try below.  Usually I use chocolate chips, cause they are the easiest to find, but I just recently tried almond bark and it was equally successful. Also, I don't own a double boiler, I melt my chocolate in a heat proof bowl above simmering water. If you have a double boiler use that.

 Whatever you use, ENJOY.....

I make this a variety of ways.  I use 3 bags of chocolate chips. Here are my variations thru trial & error: (I like the contrast of flavors but you can use all one kind of chips)

2 bags of white chocolate chips, drizzled with a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips.
2 bags of milk chocolate chips, drizzled with a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips.

**NOTE I have used 2 packages of almond bark for the chocolate too.  Then they have bags of colored candy melts from Wilton and I have used those to drizzle over the top of the almond cute I use white almond bark, then drizzle red & green over the top.  Cute for holiday bags.

Peppermint Bark

4 candy canes, unwrapped and crushed fine
3 bags of chocolate chips

**Or 2 packages of almond bark if using
Wilton candy melts if using

Line a large baking sheet with wax paper, making sure that you have enough that hangs off the sides of the pan so you can lift the bark out of the pan.  In a large heat proof bowl over a pan of simmering water place 2 bags of chips (or the one color of almond bark).  Stir very often and melt completely.  Pour melted chocolate onto the middle of the waxed paper and spread very thin.  Hurry and melt the other chocolate or candy melts if using, and quickly taking a fork (I find this works best) and hurry and drizzle the other color over the bark before the first one sets (you can also do this in a mug in the microwave try for 30 seconds at a time and it happens very quickly, so stir very often, I usually do this while the first chocolate is melting) and then sprinkle with the finely crushed candy canes.  Let cool completely lift the waxed paper lined off the baking sheets peel off the chocolate, then break into chunks. Keep in a moisture free environment and keep in a sealed container.  Enjoy

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