Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Chorizo & eggs

Oh man do I love Chorizo... for those who are going huh?? What's chorizo... it is a spicy Spanish/Mexican sausage flavored with paprika & garlic all kinds of heavenly things...It is a deep red color, much like the color of paprika.  It comes in links, or in plastic tube like containers.  I used pork chorizo but they sell beef as well.  I love it crumbled in quesidillas, or mixed with ground beef and made into tacos, but I also love it mixed with eggs, and made into breakfast burritos... so good.

I used Queso Fresco cheese, which is a Mexican crumbly type cheese, along with Co-Jack cheese but you can use any kind of cheese that you like.  I also serve mine with diced avacados, hot sauce & sour cream, but again it is totally up to you what you put on it. Make these today..... Enjoy...

Chorizo & eggs

1 package of raw pork chorizo, removed from plastic casing
6-8 eggs, beaten with a teaspoonful of water
1 package of flour tortillas
Cheese of your choice (I used Queso Fresco & Co-jack)
1 avocado, peeled & seeded, diced
Sour cream & hot sauce for serving (optional)

In large frying pan over medium high heat add chorizo.  Cook for 5-8 minutes stirring very often until sausage is slightly browned, breaking up sausage and mashing with the back of spoon until done.  Add eggs to the crumbled sausage (do not drain fat off) and stir constantly until eggs are set (they will turn the red color of the sausage).  Cook until done eggs will be soft turn off heat and remove pan from heat .  Spoon into tortillas, top with cheese and diced avocado.  Fold tortillas in half, and serve with sour cream & hot sauce (optional).  Enjoy

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