Saturday, October 6, 2012

Toffee Saltine Squares

Toffee.... just the word sounds utterly delicious!!! I love toffee...and have tried to make it before...and it is alot of work and it doesn't always turn out the best....due to lots of varying factors...humidity..or not cooking to a high enough heat.... it's no fun to throw an entire pan of toffee away....

I have seen Toffee Saltine squares around for a long time and had a nibble of one several years ago when I was pregnant with my youngest son... and when I say nibble I mean just the slightest taste..because when I was pregnant both times I was extremely sick all the way through night and day both pregnancies..and it was awful!! The last pregnancy I was so sick that they put me on anti-nausea cancer medication cause I just couldn't eat... thank God that the baby and me got through that just heart goes out to other ladies who are sick... anyway enough of that yuck and onto this..the nibble of the toffee square that I did have I made a note to myself (if even at the time I was gaggy because of it..LOL) I thought one day when you are not pregnant and sick you should make this yummy stuff... and today was the day and I am glad I did... although after I made this today...I made a note to myself to NEVER make this unless either a) your having a party, or b) you are giving this away as gifts... because man alive you can keep nibbling and nibbling this stuff and before you know if you've eaten 1/4 of a pan.. NOT GOOD :(  anyway that's how good this stuff is...addicting and delicious..:)

Anyway I have seen various recipes for this but none of them just did it for me... some called for a pound of butter, some called for white sugar, some called for non salted butter, or non salted crackers... I was like good grief..this doesn't have to be this difficult... so I just winged it and came up with my own variation and recipe... I used 1 cup of each milk chocolate & semi sweet chocolate chips (I mixed them together and sprinkled them over the top) but use what you like..white chocolate chips would be delicious can also skip adding the nuts over the top too... This recipe is so easy and good...make it for your family soon... and use what you like... Enjoy

Toffee Saltine Squares

1 1/4 sleeves of Saltine crackers
1 stick of butter
2 cups chocolate chips (I used a mixture of milk & semi sweet chips)
1 cup brown sugar packed
3/4 cups finely chopped pecans (optional)

 Preheat oven to 350.
Line a baking sheet (I used a 1/4 sheet pan) with aluminum foil making sure that the foil comes up over the sides of the pan.  Spray foil well with nonstick spray.  Lay in a single layer in pan the saltine crackers. In saucepan over medium high heat add brown sugar and butter.  Stir often until up to a rolling boil.  Boil for 2 minutes.  With large spoon (being careful cause sugar mixture is very hot) drizzle sugar mixture over saltines, trying to cover as much of the crackers as possible, (don't worry if you don't get all of the crackers cause the mixture will bubble and coat the crackers in the oven) Place pan into oven and bake for 6-8 minutes watching the crackers after 5 minutes making sure they don't burn.  Remove pan carefully from the oven & sprinkle the chocolate chips in a layer (the entire surface won't be covered) and place back into oven for 2-3 minutes or until chips start to melt.  Remove from oven and with an offset spatula or butter knife spread chips into an even layer over crackers.  Sprinkle immediately with pecans if using.  Let crackers cool completely and harden about 5 -6 hours.  Break apart and serve toffee squares... Enjoy

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  1. This is one of my favorite-est Christmas candies...I'm with you..I can't make it just any ole time...I need to be giving it away. Thanks for the reminder. MMM-mouthwatering!