Saturday, July 9, 2016

My mom's famous macaroni & potato salad dressing

Ah this dressing... this is the stuff legends are made of.. no seriously everyone that eats this dressing on either macaroni salad or potato salad falls in love with it.  It is just yummy... and until now, this was an "eyeball" thing.  My mom learned to make this from her mom. We have never measured amounts of anything.. just tasted it and went.. until now. Just like when my grandma made cinnamon rolls, she was like, measure what, I just do it.  Which I totally get, because that is why I am not a baker.... I HATE measuring stuff, and being all precise.. I like to eyeball measurements when I cook.  But sometimes even me (sigh) measure to preserve and get things right. 

You must use MIRACLE WHIP salad dressing, or you will not get the same results.  I have tried using other mayo and it is not the same, at all.  This is a must.  NO light either.  Regular kind.

Also, we use Plochman's mustard. It is in the barrel shaped bottle, our favorite.

This dressing can be used on either macaroni or on potato salad either one.  Use your favorite ingredients and add this dressing at the end and mix well.  For macaroni the pasta sucks in the dressing and you might have to make some extra for the next day, stir well and if it seems dry add some more. 

For our macaroni salad, we use cooked macaroni, frozen peas (unthawed I put mine in the colander frozen and then pour the cooked macaroni with the water before it is drained, and the boiling macaroni and water will unthaw the peas, with no extra work :), chopped peeled hard boiled eggs,chopped red onion, shredded carrots, chopped celery, and bell pepper (we also sometimes use colored peppers, and or radishes use what you like).

For our potato salad, we use peeled and chopped Idaho russet potatoes (they hold up the best and don't get mushy or watery, or waxy like sometimes redskins do), chopped onion, chopped peeled hard boiled eggs,chopped celery, radishes, carrots, and bell pepper. 

Again, use what you have on hand and like.  Make this soon.. Enjoy

My mom's famous macaroni & potato salad dressing

2 cups Miracle whip (no substitutions)
1 Tbls and 1 Tsp mustard (we use Plochman's mustard
1/4 cup sugar
1/3 cup milk
plenty of salt and pepper

Mix all ingredients together with a whisk, mixing well.  Pour over salad ingredients, & mix well.  Cover and refrigerate several hours.  Enjoy

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