Sunday, October 17, 2010

Leftovers..... Steak Primavera omelets

Leftovers..... not always a welcome thing... Most people tell me that their families HATE leftovers and that they end up throwing them away... I am like with the price of groceries... are you kidding me.... how about making a REMIX.... in Joelle talk......  Folks, here's a little secret... make them delicious and undetectable and nobody will even know they are leftovers... all your family will think is yummy :)

Here's a tale of some leftovers getting a brand new life and lots of ........yum this is really great mom :)  Which this is what this momma likes to hear.....
My husband and I went out to dinner for Sweetest Day which is rare cause I hate going out to eat... ( I know, I know everyone thinks I am nuts, but usually the food is awful :(  I hate spending money on awful things.... and I like what I make much better....So we had leftover Steak  w/ sauteed onions & mushrooms, steamed veggies (zuchini, broccoli, & carrots) and mashed potatoes which I did throw out cause they were awful... (which I think how bad is it when you can't even make mashed potatoes right but ,....that my friends is another story altogether :)  ....

I was wanting to make a yummy breakfast for my family but was looking for something new and different (tired of the same ole stuff)... which lead me to the leftover box from Sweetest Day dinner.... I opened the box and thought what on earth can I do with this.... The veggies made me think of primavera....and then I thought what about the meat....and those potatoes....So I had my "lightbulb" moment and thought hmmm what about a steak primavera omelete....Then I saw those yuck potatoes, and thought alright throw those out, and get out real potatoes, onion & bacon and make your own... Off to the stove I went and the following is what I came up with... hope you all get into the kitchen & use up your leftovers.... My husband while he was eating breakfast kept made this up all on your own?  And I was like yes honey... I did... He was like I would have never thought of that... I said that is why you married me wink.... LOL not really but like to tease him... he is a great sport and loves me & my cooking... Thank you honey,,, love you...

I serve these with toast, you can serve with bagels, biscuits, torillas whatever.....

Steak Primavera Omelets...

Eggs, scrambled ( I use 2 per omelet)
Leftover steak (sliced across the grain thinly)
The onions & mushrooms from the steak (or saute your own in butter/olive oil
The steamed leftover veggies (or whatever veggies you like, broccoli, zuchini, carrots, peppers whatever you have in the fridge...)
salt & pepper
Shredded cheese

Preheat broiler....
In a 6 inch skillet melt a pat of butter, when melted move across pan to coat bottom.  Add some veggies, steak with mushrooms & onions.  Season with salt & pepper.  Saute till heated through.  Add scrambled eggs over top moving around with spatula until set on bottom.  Put in oven for just around 30 seconds to a minute until eggs on top are set then sprinkle with shredded cheese of your choice, put back under broiler until cheese is melted.  Slide out onto serving dish... Enjoy

Potatoes, with onions, & bacon

1 T. bacon grease
4 potatoes ( sliced lengthwise and cut into thin slices)
1 onions chopped
salt & pepper
garlic powder (optional, if you like garlic)

In large saute pan with lid, place bacon grease, making sure to melt, on medium high heat.  Swirl around and coat pan.  Add potatoes, onions and seasonings. Mix well coating potatoes, with grease, onions & seasonings.  Place lid on pan, turn heat down to medium low & cook for a few minutes.  With a spatula turn potatoes letting potatoes carmelize and cook. When potatoes are fork tender & the onion is done, take lid off of pan and turn up heat to crisp up the potatoes.  Watch carefully so potatoes dont burn.  Serve with omelete....

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