Saturday, May 7, 2016

Squash bisque soup

I love squash soup.. and you can't always find it out in restaurants.  And sometimes when you do, you were wishing you didn't.  Sometimes it just tastes watery and off.  I like a creamy, smooth delicious flavor, and sometimes you are left thinking, this is not so good...

The squash that I use.. are you ready.. It comes frozen in a box.  Yes I said, in a box.  Remember in the 70's when fresh vegetables & fruit were not available year around like they are now?  My mom used to get this squash, mix a little butter & brown sugar and we would have it as a side dish.  Now that you can basically find fresh squash available year round, she doesn't do that anymore.  But those little boxes of frozen squash remind me of my childhood..   I tried making this soup many times with fresh squash, and between blending the hot liquid, and then trying to use an immersion blender, it never had the creamy, silky smooth texture that I was looking for. 

Onto plan B, I decided to come up with this recipe and have never looked back.. it had everything that I was looking for, creamy, silky smooth and yummy. I made this for my son who had his wisdom teeth out, and he loved it too. 

I find the frozen squash at my local Kroger store, but other stores have it as well. It is by the other boxes of frozen vegetables.  Make this today and enjoy.

Squash soup

3 12 oz boxes, frozen squash
1 can chicken broth mine was (10.5 ounces, use the regular can size not the big one)
2 T brown sugar
1/2 cup heavy cream (can use half and half)
2 T butter
couple of pinches of nutmeg
salt & pepper to taste

In large pan, unwrap the frozen squash & add to the pan.  Pour the chicken broth over the squash, add a little salt and pepper &  and cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally till the squash is melted and rapidly bubbling.  Whisk in the brown sugar & butter stirring till it is completely dissolved.  add the nutmeg & heavy cream whisking until combined .  Taste and add more salt & pepper and a little brown sugar if it needs it.  Turn off the heat and serve.  Enjoy

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