Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bacon Ranch Cheeseball

Well it's Superbowl time tomorrow :)   Go Steelers!!!   Not that I am a big football fan but a couple times a year I like to watch football, the Michigan/Michigan State game (go Blue :) and the Superbowl.  I usually don't make it through the entire game just usually the start, the halftime and the ending.... see not much of a football fan, hockey on the other hand....Go Red Wings:)  but nonetheless... I still wanna have good snacks and munchies once a year for the Superbowl.  We love cheeseballs at our house.  Cream cheese in general is always a good thing.  I make a couple of different kind and have already shared another popular one.  This one is my 2nd favorite.  Who doesn't love Ranch & Bacon together.... 2 of my favorite things... just last week I posted my Ranch Bacon Pasta salad (hope you tried it cause it is yummy).... try this as well, it is super super easy and very tasty and yummy.  Enjoy

Serve this with cracker, breadsticks or toasted pita chips.. Use whatever you like..  Also I use Reduced Fat (but NOT fat free) cream cheese.  Subtitute full fat if you prefer but NOT fat free...

Also if you don't have any bacon bits but still wanna make this cheeseball, diced ham in place of the bacon bits works fine as well.  Sometimes I thinly slice 2 green onions when I make the ham version of this cheeseball and add to the mixture, it adds a nice flavor to the cheeseball. Continue like normal.  This version is also very yummy.

Bacon Ranch Cheeseball
2   8oz. packages cream cheese, softened ( I use 1/3 less fat kind)
1 package dry Hidden Valley Ranch  dressing mix
1/2 cup Bacon bits ( I use the real cooked bacon  pieces not imitation kind)
1/2 cup shredded cheese ( I use co-jack) finely shredded

Crackers of your choice

In bowl place cream cheese.  Sprinkle dry  Ranch dressing packet over cream cheese, and add bacon bits.  With fork mix well mashing and mixing all of the ingredients together.   With spatula scrape bowl and form mixture into ball.  Place on serving plate.  Sprinkle shredded cheese over entire cheeseball pressing into cheeseball very slightly, just so cheese will stick.  Wrap the serving platter/cheeseball with plastic wrap.  Chill for at least an hour preferrably 2-3 hours until cheese is chilled.  Unwrap and serve with crackers.  Store all leftovers covered in fridge.  Enjoy

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  1. I have all of these ingredients in my house today....I see a cheese ball being eaten during the Superbowl....Thanks Joelle