Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jello Fluff salad

I think spring is in the air...well maybe not cause it's still a snowin' here.... and really cold outside...yuck :(  but I do know that spring is right around the corner as well as Easter :) I love the holidays.... I have been thinking spring recipes.... and nothing says spring like Jello.  I  love it plain, in salads, finger jello squares... any old way.  I have made this Jello fluff salad as long as I can remember... I have no idea where the recipe came from but I have had it almost everywhere..home, church potlucks, bridal & baby showers... all different varieties.  This one has orange jello (I use sugar free and ONLY jello brand gelatin), cottage cheese (either the large or small curd will work just fine)& mandarin oranges in it.  It's a good way to get added calcium, protein and more fruit into your diet and the varieties are endless... as always use what you like...Enjoy

Varieties: Leave out the mandarin oranges and orange jello and substitute the following:

Strawberry:  Strawberry jello & fresh or frozen sliced strawberries (if using frozen let thaw and drain any liquid off)
Lime: Lime jello & a small can of drained pineapple
Cherry: Cherry jello & halved pitted black cherries
Peach: Peach jello & sliced canned peaches (drained)

Jello Fluff Salad

1 container cottage cheese
1 container Cool Whip, thawed
1 small box orange jello
1 small can Mandarin oranges, drained

In large bowl add cottage cheese, mix in dry jello blending well.  Fold in cool whip, mixing well.  Fold in mandarin oranges.  Cover and place in fridge for a couple of hours.  Enjoy.

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  1. OOOOOOOO....YUMMMMY!! My grandma used to make this!! But she always did the lime one.