Saturday, June 15, 2013

Peach "tini's"

Can you say YUM!!! I am not much of a drinker, maybe 1 or 2 cocktails a year, but have been hearing about all of these martini's..chocolate, peach, vanilla, apple, smores..they all look yummy and sound yummy.  But since it's summer and I wanted something girly & fruity I thought peach..  Then I researched the recipes and holy cow martini's are almost always all alcohol.  I do not like the taste of straight alcohol or strong drinks whatsoever, so thought hmmm, how can I lighten these up but still make them taste amazing?  So this is my version of a peachtini.. You can obviously add as much alcohol as you want but I enjoy a lighter cocktail... Enjoy


1 can peach slices, drained
1 cup frozen peach slices (Plus 1 extra frozen slice per glass)
2  cups homestyle orange juice
1/4 cup peach scnapps
1/4 cup whipped cream vodka
4-5  ice cubes

Place all ingredients EXCEPT 7UP/Sprite into blender and blend until smooth and combined. Place 1 slice frozen peach in cocktail glass, pour 3/4 of the glass full of cold mixture.  Top (drizzle)with a very small amount of 7UP/Sprite just to make the top bubbly.  Enjoy...

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