Friday, September 16, 2011

Monster Mash (payday mix)

This is not cooking this is throwing together... but that being said this stuff is so addicting... I remember the first time I heard about it.. I was like you put what together and it tastes how??? It sounds gross but in the name of fairness I thought I would try it.. and voila... been eating it every fall since.... 2 ingredients and snackable yumminess :)

You can instead of candycorn use the autumn fall mix (the stuff with the little pumpkins that are made out of the candy corn mixture) sometimes candy corn and the autumn fall mix are mixed together all in one... and the peanuts you can use dry roasted, red skin, or regular old party peanuts (just make sure they are shelled)... this stuff tastes like a payday candybar but only better.  I keep small bowls mixed up on my counter top.. the only problem is that I grab a handful everytime I walk by which is NOT a good idea for my never ending diet... LOL enjoy

2 bags of candycorn (or Autumn fall mix)
1 jar of peanuts

Mix together and serve.. enjoy

1 comment:

  1. I love this stuff!! My brother introduced my to it a couple years ago. And yes, it does taste a payday.