Friday, December 23, 2011

Rolo Pretzel cookies

These are the simplest yet yummiest treats ever!!! Everyone who tries these loves them and everyone always wants the recipe... Easy, tasty and quick... my kinda recipe.. you better make lots and lots, these go super quick :)  enjoy

Rolo Pretzel Cookies

1 package of rolo candies the big package not the individual sticks in the checkout line (but you can get those but you will need about 6-8 rolls if using them)
1 bag pretzels ( I use waffle pretzels, or at Christmas the small christmas shaped like trees, bells, stars etc)

Silcone baking sheet liner or aluminum foil

Preheat oven to 350.  Unwrap the rolo candies. Line sheet pan with your silcone liner or aluminum foil. Lay a single layer of pretzels out on sheet pan.  Place a unwrapped Rolo candy on each pretzel.  Place in oven for 2-3 minutes or until candy is soft (but not melted at all) it should look like it did when you placed it into the oven but a little shinier due to the softened chocolate.  Remove from oven and place a pretzel on top of each candy pressing to make a "sandwich cookie" of each pretzel and rolo.  Be careful cause pan is hot and chocolate/carmel is hot as well.  Continue until all is done.  Let cool & remove from oven and place on waxed paper to finish getting hardened.  Enjoy

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  1. We make these every year too, and love topping them with the holiday Pnut M & M's. Cute idea to make sandwiches out of them! We prefer using the rolos in the 'stick's because then we don't have to unwrap them all. *-* Happy New Year to you and yours!